Marimba Solos

I've made a page that lists several marimba pieces ranging in difficulty. Each marimba piece is listed alphabetically by composer and includes a video to be used as a reference. I hope people will find these videos of marimba solos as a good starting point when picking new music.

A                                   Marimba solos Abe - Anderson

Abe, Keiko      Ancient Vase

Abe, Keiko      Dream of the Cherry Blossoms

Abe, Keiko      Frogs

Abe, Keiko      Memories of the Seashore

Abe, Keiko      Michi

Abe, Keiko      Prism

Abe, Keiko      Variations on Japanese Children's Songs

Abe, Keiko      Wind Across Mountains

Abe, Keiko      Wind in the Bamboo Grove

Albéniz, Isaac      Asturias Leyenda

Aldridge, Robert       My Little Island (Mvt I, IV, II)

B                                 Marimba solos Bach - Burritt

Bach, J.S.      Cello Suite no. 1

Bach, J.S.      G Minor Fugue from Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

Bach, J.S.      Wer nur den Lieben Gott lasst walten

Berg, Daniel      Over the Moon

Berg, Daniel     December

Burritt, Michael      October Night

Burritt, Michael      The Offering

C                               Marimba solos Cangelosi - Cheung

Cangelosi, Casey      Etude in A minor

Cheung, Pius      E minor Etude

Druckman, Jacob      Reflections on the Nature of Water

E                             Marimba solos Edwards - Ewazen

Edwards, Ross      Marimba Dances

F                                   Marimba solos Ford - Friedman

Ford, Mark      Polaris

Ford, Mark      Ransom

G                           Marimba solos Gomez - Gronemeier

Gomez, Alice      Gitano

Gomez, Alice      Marimba Flamenca

Gomez, Alice      Rain Dance

Gronemeier Dean      Nature Alley    

H                            Marimba solos Harchanko - Huang

K                            Marimba solos Kaiser - Kopetzi 

Klatzow, Peter      Dances of Earth and Fire (1st mvt)

L                            Marimba solos Lanski - Lin

Lansky, Paul      Three Moves

M                           Marimba solos Mackey - Mizelle

Mackey, Steven      See Ya Thursday

Maslanka, David      Variations on Lost Love

Matthias, Schmitt  Ghanaia

Miki, Minoru      Time for marimba

Muramatsu, Takatsugu     Land

Musser, Clair Omar      Etude in C Major, op.6 no. 10

Musser, Clair Omar      Etude in B Major, Op. 6, No. 9

Norton, Christopher     November Evening

O'Meara, Rich      Restless

P                          Marimba solos Peters - Puccini

Peters, Mitchell      Sea Refractions

Peters, Mitchell      Yellow After the Rain

Rosauro, Ney      Prelude 1

S                          Marimba solos Sammut - Swist

Sammut, Eric      Chameleon

Sammut, Eric      Four Rotations

Sammut, Eric      Libertango

Sejourne, Emmanuel      Katamiya

Sejourne, Emmanuel      Nancy

Smadbeck, Paul      Rhythm Song

Smadbeck, Paul      Virginia Tate

Stasack, Jennifer     Six Elegies Dancing

Stout, Gordon      Astral Dance

Stout, Gordon      Two Mexican Dances

Stout, Gordon     Etude No. 2 from Book I

Sueyoshi, Yashuo     Mirage for Marimba

T                              Marimba solos Thomas - Tyson

Thomas, Andrew      Merlin

V                              Marimba solos Vagelis - Vinao

Viñao, Alejandro      Khan Variations

W                             Marimba solos Westlake

Z                              Marimba solos Zivkovic

Zivkovic, Nebojsa      Andante for Uta

Zivkovic, Nebojsa     Ein Liebeslied

Zivkovic, Nebojsa     Fluctus

Zivkovic, Nebojsa     Ilijas

Zivkovic, Nebojsa      Ultimatum I

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