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Episode 1

Episode 2  You get to do what you love. *Clip of Paul Lansky's "Threads"*

Episode 3  Marimba featured in NY Times, Relationship with composers important. 

Episode 4  The basics of getting a good sound.  *Clip Steve Reich "Drumming" part 1*

Episode 5  Mechanics of the stroke.  Bouncing the stroke.

Episode 6  Features of Thomas Burritt signature mallets.  *Final Clip of Steve Reich "Drumming"*

Episode 7  Sound develop exercises: 5ths, 3rds, 2nds  *Cilp of Peters Snare Drum Etude no. 1 (Texas 08 All-State)

Episode 8  Mirror Exercise.  It's all about strength.  Independent roll exercise.

Episode 9  Some info on how the NY Times article mentioned in Ep. 3 cam about.

Episode 10  Arpeggiation exercise.  How to move over a large range.

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